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Marketing your startup is always a tough job. If you can’t market your startup properly, then it has a great chance to become a failure. Forum marketing plays one of  the important rule in Search Engine Marketing. In Forum, you can let people know about your startups, earn back-links and increase your page PR. There are many forums available on the Internet that talks about Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization etc. You can become a member on these forums and learn the techniques of SEO, SEM, Article Submission etc and become an expert in marketing your startup.

Here, I have listed top forums that talk about SEO, SEM, Article Submissions, etc:


All of them have PR 4+ and popular in their area of expertise, these can be a great resource for a startup funder, webmaster and SEO Marketing beginners.

You are also welcome to suggest forum to this list.


How To Get My Startup Reviewed On StartupTunes Quickly

StartupTunes is an excellent startup review blog which writes on quality web startups. Getting your startup reviewed on StartupTunes will definitely add values to your startup in the long run. Please read our other post Get Quality Backlinks Free Submitting Your Startup To StartupTunes to get a detail overview on how StartupTunes can help you to improve SEO for your Startups.

In this article, I am going to share some hidden tips on how to quickly get your startup reviewed on StartupTunes. Please read the steps given below and do accordingly.

Step 1: Does your startup worth a review?

Before submitting your startup for a review first be sure that your startup worths the review. This is a difficult question to answer but if your website meets the following criteria then you can expect a review:

  • First, your startup should be complete with at least public beta version. Alpha version or Invite only software should not apply for a public review.
  • Make sure your startup has a nice user interface
  • Make sure your startup is well designed in terms of architecture and user experience
  • Your startup should cover a large user base spanning geographic locations, startups developed for a small city have less chance for a review.
  • Your startup should be based on good idea for serving common interests or needs.
  • Finally, make sure your startup doesn’t have flaws in basic operations

If all these criteria is satisfied, then proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Write an unique review for your startup

Now, prepare an excellent piece of review for your startup mentioning all important features and aspects of your startup and its business model. Remember you know your startup better than anyone else so focus on your strength and add the right vocabulary you want to see on the review and make it more SEO friendly. If you website is reviewable, it is easy for the reviewer to publish your pre-completed review with little or no modification which will save their time and effort adding extra chance for your startup.

My suggestions is give enough time when writing your content and make it one of the best review for your website. Don’t worry if it take a day or two or even a week to write the review, you can use it later on other blogs if it’s not get published on StartupTunes. And don’t try to provide false information, write what is true about your startup.

Make sure that your review is totally unique. Plagiarism is always prohibited and if published your plagiarized review will get punishment form search engine. Even partial plagiarism is easily detectable using modern web tools, so never try to plagiarize. Moreover, you want to add values to your website, so avoid any sort of plagiarism.

Once your review is ready with unique content, then proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Submit Your Startup

Now, go to the new startup submission page at and fill-up the form with the necessary information. In the description field, copy and paste the review that you have written for your startup in the previous step. At the bottom please mention that you have written this unique review by yourself for StartupTunes only and you would appreciate if they publish the complete review and also add that you would be happy to answer any further query.

Step 4: Wait and see

You are successfully done with the review process, now wait to see your website on StartupTunes. I hope you will see it within 2 weeks but it might takes up to 4 weeks to get published, so don’t panic. Once your startup is published, share the article with your friends and community and add the links at your “get reviewed” or “press” section of your startup website to let visitors know that you have got reviewed on StartupTunes. Select a suitable badge from available Badges for your visitors. Remember it is a part of confidence building for your website’s visitors so it should get more priority.

These are my own tips and I believe this process is the best way to get your startup reviewed at any startup review blog. I hope this will work for your startups and let us know your feedback.

Get Quality Backlinks Free Submitting Your Startup To StartupTunes

You have launched a nice startup, it has an attractive user interface, smooth user experience , robust performance, and huge prospect to success. Your startup is based on a real good idea and you are damn sure that people will love your startup. Now all you need is traffic, without traffic your startup won’t get success. Getting traffic is not an easy task, you will need serious search engine optimization to improve your Google Page Rank. Backlinks are always a great factor for getting higher Page Rank on Google. Only quality backlinks can improve your sites page rank.

StartupTunes is an excellent web2.0 startup review blog. Everyday, StartupTunes writes 3 article reviews freely featuring quality startups. StartupTunes aims to help good startups in Search Engine Optimization by providing quality backlinks. When reviewing, all articles created by StartupTunes are unique providing multiple backlinks to the startup.

However, a review is more important than just backlinks, it builds confidence on readers towards your startup. People trend to try a new service when somebody else recommend it to them. Also, your paid advertisements on Google Adword or other advertisement network last as long as you pay, but this review will last longer for your business providing you good traffic over the time.

More over, you can use StartupTunes badge in your website home page to proudly let your users know about the review. A good review will make your user more loyal to your business and brand.

Submiting your startup to StartupTunes is always free, please visit the following link and follow the instruction If StartupTunes likes your startup, they will write about you. So, why not give it a try.

10 Sites Where You Can Submit Your Startup For Free SEO

You have launched a really cool startup website. Your website is a solid Web2.0 application with awesome look and feel. It has a nice user interface to maximize the user experience. It is based on a really promising unique idea with a great business logic. Now all you want is to let people know about your application. Without right advertisement policy your application can’t make success. Getting reviewed on top ranking website freely will maximize your popularity in the software industry and is the best advertisement policy ever. The more reviews you application earn the better result you will get.

There are some really great blogs for startup review like Mashable, Techcrunch, ReadWriteWebKillerstartups etc. Getting reviewed on these sites are really difficult but it worths. These sites sometime pick startups from other sources. You can try getting reviewed on some other easy websites or blogs and in return your startup might be reviewed on the above websites.

Here I would like to recommend 10 important blogs or websites where you may try submitting your startups.

Submit Your Startups on These Websites:

  1. FeedMyApp – is a web2.0 directory where best and latest web2.0 sites are listed daily. They use tagging for classification and write a brief description on the startup. It is being closely monitored by other startup review sites. You can submit your application here.
  2. Listio – is a Web2.0 directory for applications, services and new media. It focuses on the products, usability, features, target audience, ease of use, cost and customer satisfaction. You can submit your startup here.
  3. CrunchBase – CrunchBase is the free database of technology companies, people, and investors that anyone can edit. By logging in, you can easily submit your startup here.
  4. GreatStartups – writes on about those startups having growth potentials and already have shown some success. They also cover startups that may be having problems or simply did not succeed due to various reasons. You can submit your startup here.
  5. StartupTunes – is an exclusive web2.0 startups review blog. They write on three quality startups everyday. They mainly focus on those startups having good prospect of success with great graphical interface and promising user experience. You can submit your startup here.
  6. StartupWorld – is dedicated to help startups to market their product and service. By joining StartupWorld you will be able to showcase your your business for free.
  7. Ziipa – is a startup gallery with the goal to showcase the best start-ups and applications. You can submit your startup here.
  8. Go2web20 – is one of the biggest web2.0 directories out there. You can suggest your startups by clicking on “submit app button at the top right corner of the page.
  9. Simplespark – is the place to find and share a new world of web applications. You can submit your website or startup here by clicking on Add an App to the Catalog link.
  10. Wikidweb – is the wiki directory of web. You can easily list your application here by clicking on Add an url link.

Please don’t limit yourself on these 10 websites only. Submit your site to more blogs and sites to get more focus.

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