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Get Quality Backlinks Free Submitting Your Startup To StartupTunes

You have launched a nice startup, it has an attractive user interface, smooth user experience , robust performance, and huge prospect to success. Your startup is based on a real good idea and you are damn sure that people will love your startup. Now all you need is traffic, without traffic your startup won’t get success. Getting traffic is not an easy task, you will need serious search engine optimization to improve your Google Page Rank. Backlinks are always a great factor for getting higher Page Rank on Google. Only quality backlinks can improve your sites page rank.

StartupTunes is an excellent web2.0 startup review blog. Everyday, StartupTunes writes 3 article reviews freely featuring quality startups. StartupTunes aims to help good startups in Search Engine Optimization by providing quality backlinks. When reviewing, all articles created by StartupTunes are unique providing multiple backlinks to the startup.

However, a review is more important than just backlinks, it builds confidence on readers towards your startup. People trend to try a new service when somebody else recommend it to them. Also, your paid advertisements on Google Adword or other advertisement network last as long as you pay, but this review will last longer for your business providing you good traffic over the time.

More over, you can use StartupTunes badge in your website home page to proudly let your users know about the review. A good review will make your user more loyal to your business and brand.

Submiting your startup to StartupTunes is always free, please visit the following link and follow the instruction If StartupTunes likes your startup, they will write about you. So, why not give it a try.

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